Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers

Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers
Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers

 Our world is in the midst of disasters, terror, famine and social disruption, in such times we can never have enough heroes. One such hero standing tall amongst the rest is Toby Hopper. Toby Hopper can very well be considered a beacon of light for all single mothers out there; her life is a complete code for anyone trying to raise a family all on their own. She has made an irreplaceable impact on women in her professional career and continues to contribute towards the welfare of the society sponsoring the Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers.

Raising a child alone without a partner and no emotional or financial help can be tough. All the troubles seem to glitch all the more when a single mother decides to return to school or obtain a degree. Toby Hopper understands this very well, having accomplished three quarters of her goals as a single mother of five children, she knows the challenges women face trying to better their lots.  Her dynamic nature and forward thinking has made her efforts a benchmark for helping women better themselves. She exudes enthusiasm for life and wants the adult students to exhibit the same.

Amongst the many scholarship programs designated for single moms, Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers stands out. If you meet the certain selection criteria you can with much ease complete your education and nurture your family. Before applying for this scholarship program you must go through the restrictions and disqualifications that are included in the application.

A school that offers scholarships for single Moms is Kennesaw State University which provides the Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers. They offer the graduate as well as undergraduate for single moms to cater for their education as well as their children’s education. It is also important for single Moms to realize that they can apply for many of the minority scholarships and scholarships for women. You will have to provide proof of being a single Mom, typically through tax returns or other documentation.

Selection Criteria

The selection criterion in order to qualify for this scholarship program is as follows:

-          Single, non-traditional females who provide major financial support for their custodial children

-          Pursuing a degree in Teacher Education

-          Graduate or undergraduate student

-          Academic promise in at least 12 semester credit hours

-          2.75 or better cumulative GPA for undergraduate

-          3.00 or better cumulative GPA for graduate

-          Must maintain a course load of at least 12 credit hours per semester.

If you believe you fit the bill and want to establish yourself in the corporate jungle, you should apply for the Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship giving yourself and your children a better and secure future.

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