Top Careers For Mothers in California

 Top Careers For Mothers in California

Top Careers For Mothers in California
Top Careers For Mothers in California

As a mother you must be constantly concerned about having enough financial support and backing to provide your family with a decent standard of living and quality of life. At the same time, career oriented mothers would like to resume or kick start their corporate and professional life when they have the time to do so.

This article will outline and highlight some of the top careers for mothers in California. When looking for a career as a mother, your choice would be generally influenced by a number of variables. These variables include pay scale, benefits, schedule, flexibility and the job outlook. Therefore when picking a career, it is necessary to give weights to each of the aforementioned variables and others if you have any. Choose your career outline.

This list of topic careers for mothers in California should serve as a starting point for your research. Remember to explore other sources such as magazines, newspapers, web portals and employment agencies for more information.


In this day and age, the general public is highly concerned with health, fitness and nutrition. A fitness craze kicked in and it is here to say. As a nutritionist you can capitalize on this market and high demand. You can be responsible for using nutrition and food intake to solve problems or address specific diet concerns.


Being a pharmacist is a job of great responsibility as you must ensure the safe, efficient and reliable distribution of medical products and pharmaceutical goods to the public. According to The BLS, in 2010, the average annual salary of Pharmacists was $111,570.

Interior Designer

Due to the real estate value and up-scale society, there is high demand for interior designers as people love decorating their house from the inside. Be it contemporary, space age or old fashioned, there is demand for all themes. These are usually project based jobs and according to The BLS, you can earn up to $22.25 per hour on an average.

Fashion Designer

There is an increasing trend of fashion labels in the market. If you are interested in fashion and accessories, you can even start your own label or brand. The best part is that you can even work from the comfort of your home which is very convenient if you have children to look after. Estimated by The BLS, fashion designers can earn up to $31.02 per hour on an average.


The job of an architect is to plan and design buildings, constructions and houses. It is a great line of work as there is high demand of architects in the market. Employment is expected to rise 24% this decade, estimated by The BLS.

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