Best Careers for Single Mothers in Medicine

 Best Careers for Single Mothers in Medicine

Best Careers for Single Mothers in Medicine
Best Careers for Single Mothers in Medicine

The industry of medicine deals with providing medical and health care to society and to those in need. Furthermore, this industry is research driven which means new methods, applications, and technologies are constantly making inroads. This means that there a wide number of career options for women who are interested in the field of medicine and healthcare.

The attractiveness and appeal of a career are influenced by a number of variables such as pay scale, job outlook, industry growth, recognition, benefits and so on. Fortunately for you, those moms with careers in medicine can enjoy all that to a certain degree. There are some careers in medicine hat are quite rewarding, both intrinsically and extrinsically and this is what this articles sets out to achieve.

Go through this short list of best careers in medicine so that you can decide which specialization to opt for. Please understand that a career in medicine is not a walk in the park and you must be prepared to put in the time, effort and dedication to succeed.

Career in Woman’s Health

A career in woman’s health will deal with all possible issues and elements related to women. As a woman, you probably understand and can relate to a woman’s health better than anyone else. Therefore if you have a passion and interest to promote mental, physical and emotional health in women, then you can opt for this line of work.

Career in Dermatology

The job of a Dermatologist is to cure all skin related issues and at the same time prevent future complications from arising. It was estimated by The Bureau of Labor Statistics that the employment growth of this industry is expected to be 25% this decade. Therefore plenty of job opportunities may arise.

Career as a Physician

This is one of the most rewarding and yet demanding of medical careers for women in the industry. A Physician’s job is to actively promote general healthcare and well-being. A Physician must be able to accurate diagnose medical conditions while at the same time prevent them from occurring again. It was estimated by The BLS in 2010 that Physicians can earn up to $80 an hour an average.


Pharmacists can earn an average hourly wage rate of $53.64. This career is for those women who would like to be responsible for distributing and providing medical products and pharmaceutical drugs to those in need. It is a job of great responsibility and compliance.

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