Popular Medical Careers for Women

 Popular Medical Careers for Women

Popular Medical Careers for Women
Popular Medical Careers for Women

The field of medicine and healthcare is a booming industry globally as health and well-being take top priority in people’s lives. It has a number of categories and branches that expand out even more. With the large number of job positions that can exist due to the vast field, it is one of the most anticipated fields for employment.

If you have previous academic background or practical exposure in a field of medicine, then this list of best medical careers for women should serve you well. Furthermore, if you are interested in the field of medicine, then you should definitely give one of these careers a shot. It is important to capitalize on your interest and passion in medicine as without so you will not get far.

Therefore go through this list of popular medical careers for women and use this knowledge as some preliminary research. Be sure to use other resource points for more detail and greater references.


Physicians are responsible for the general health and wellness of patients. They diagnose and treat patients with illnesses, disease or conditions and at the same time practice preventive medicine. It is recently estimated by The Bureau of Labor Statistics that a Physician can earn up to $80 per hour on an average.

Dental Hygienist

The job of a Dental Hygienist is to provide oral care to patients by way of ensuring that the patient’s gums and teeth are free from any issues. Promoting oral hygiene is also of top priority of a Dental Hygienist. This field is expected to grow by 38 percent over this decade.


Nearly every woman is interested in taking care of her skin and beauty. This career is quite close to home in that regard. Their job is to beautify, cleanse and protect the face and body’s skin. The employment growth in this industry is expected to be 25 percent this decade.


The job of a Pharmacist is to effectively and responsibly manage the distribution and sale of pharmaceutical drugs and medical products to those patients in need of them. It was estimated by The BLS in 2010 that the average hourly wage rate of Pharmacists was $53.64.

Women’s Health

Who knows best about women other than women themselves? If you are interested in providing healthcare and medical care to women of all ages, then you can start your career in Women’s Health. This field covers nearly all areas of a women’s health that may need constant and careful care.

These are some of the popular medical careers for women out there.  Of-course, there are more to the list which you can discover as you enter the medical industry.

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