Scholarships and Grants For Single Moms Going to College

Scholarships and Grants For Single Moms Going to College
Scholarships and Grants For Single Moms Going to College

 The world today cannot function without educated individuals running it towards growth and success. This is no different for women who wake up every day in the face of hardships and trials. Being a single mom is very challenging; playing the role of both mother and a father is a huge responsibility. You not only have to nurture them but also put the food on the table. You have to not only tug them at night in bed but also make sure they get the best of education. Many single parents fail to do so due to lack of proper education as they are unable to get better employment chances. A few single mothers are determined to change this, they decide to obtain a college degree and make a better tomorrow for their family and herself.

Job circumstances, everyday expenditure, medicinal expenses and the cost of edification are few important things you need to keep in mind. With all these going back to college almost seems impossible. That’s where scholarships and grants for single moms going to college enter to save the day.

These scholarships and grants can help leaven out the financial strain on single mothers of college tuition fee and other campus expenses. Let us first take a look on exactly is meant by a scholarship or a grant.

A grant is basically a gift rather than a loan given by a non-profit organization because the recipient met certain criteria. If your single mother grants for college money exceed your college costs, you can spend the money on whatever you wish.

Scholarships are specifically for students to pay for post-secondary education. They usually have requirements for the student before and after they’ve been awarded the scholarship. Typical requirements include maintaining a specific GPA or taking a specific number of credit hours.

One thing to be kept in mind is that if you opt for a college loan you would be still stuck clearing the dues even after months of completing your degree. On the other hand grants are more of a suitable option as after you graduate, you are not stuck with huge mountains of debt to repay. These grants can also help you move from your college into a workplace, giving you financial stability in early years of your professional life.

One can easily find a suitable scholarship or grant according to one’s need and requirement online. Many private and public sector websites give enough information regarding these programs. You can also access a public library, town hall, local newspapers or scholarship directories to get the necessary guidance.

You can start by filling out an application form called the FAFSA Form – Federal Application for Student Financial Aid document.  You can also file this application online or ask assistance of your financial aid office.

You can also look for:

-          Pell Grant

-          Academic Competitive Grant (ACG)

-          Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

-          National SMART (Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent) Grant State Grants for Single Mothers

-          Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Mothers

-          Project Working Mom

-          The R.O.S.E Fund

Scholarships and grants for single moms going can open a whole new realm of possibilities, where you will find success and growth eventually leading to a better life for you and your kids.

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